Besuch von der ILM! Teil 2

Miguel Macaya:
Guardians of the Galaxy,  Avengers: Age of Ultron, Rogue One and Doctor Strange,

He worked on all those movies. Nevertheless he stayed down to earth and is a really great-to-talk-to guy. In this Blogpost, I am going to tell a bit more about the presentation itself.

Miguel Macaya did not just get into the ILM right away. First he had to work his way up. From the movie Lock Out (Dublin/Luc Besson), MPC London to Blue Bolt and then to Framestore (Here his Show Reel of 2015). He also travelled a lot and lived in different places like: Madrid, Lucern, Dublin, London.

Now we can finally get to the cool/nerdy Parts of his Presentation.

  • Doctor Strange: they built the city of Hongkong in CGI, so they could destroy it! Also they had to build some fictional Buildings to let explode, becauce the owners diden’t want their houses to be destroyed. This actually happens a lot in the industry.
  • Doctor Strange again: His cape is entirely animated through the whole film. Benedict Cumberbatch never wore it duringt the shots.
  • And now Rogue One: The Jedha Planet was built in CGI. I know, not that big of a surprise, but they did built every house very detailed and even did the texturing everywehere, not just in the shot spots, so that they could place a camera in the movie whereever the wanted to!
  • He also talked about keeping your kitchen clean! It was a metaphore for the organisation of the scripts. So that many people can happily cook in it.

Sadly the VFX Industry is a tough one, many unpaied extra hours and short term contracts. Especially because of that, it is even more impressiv, that Miguel Macaya made it to the top.

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Thank you very much Miguel Macaya!

–Leoni Dietrich–


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